A List Of The Best 2016 Toys For Kids

Finding the most suitable toys for our children, it isn’t always an easy task. They can be choosy and sometimes we don’t know what they want and even if we do it becomes a challenge to find toys in stock.

Below the age of one

Children in this age bracket love bucket and spade plush toys and spade. This is because plush toys are soft, have a flashlight, short fur, produce sounds and often have smiley faces. Most of the plush toys have the talking Elmo though they are expensive in the end. Also, a small bucket and a spade for children to dig and build sandcastles.

Between 1-2 years

Children in this age like bubble machines or toy cars.The toy cars with doors where babies can ride are their best source solace. The bubble machines are a bit expensive are suitable for children in this age bracket.


Between 2-3 years

In this age bracket, play-doh and Duplo are the most suitable. Duplo toy helps babies as it helps in creative thinking and keeps them busy for long hours. Th play-doh helps children in molding objects they see

Between 3-4 years

Children love train sets and riding bikes. Most children will spend too time trying to learn how to ride a bike or competing with one another. However, a helmet is essential for their safety.

Between 4-8 years

Dollhouses and mobilos suit children aged four years. Mobilos are construction toys that have connectors and offers innovativeness to babies when they strive to make objects. Scooters and remote control cars are also some of the most loved toys by children and roller blades.

The best gift to an eight-year-old is a skateboard or an iPad. The iPads keep them busy with free music, games among others. Skateboard give them skills like mastering tricks and speed. Another new toy that you can consider is the Hatchimals in which children will have to hatch eggs and take care of various animals.

These are the most common toys or gifts that our children love most.

Final thoughts

dd44dSome parents prefer setting academic targets for their children when buying them these gifts. This helps them work hard and develop a positive attitude.

When reflecting on childhood, almost everyone can remember favorite toddler toys and items of comfort. When choosing toddler toys and gifts, give some thought to the richness of the memories that the gift might create. Giving a child a timeless gift that they will remember for a lifetime like kids sleeping bags, kids puzzles, play food, or baby room décor is a highly rewarding experience for both of you.